Cylinder segments

Our customers can have absolute confidence in the glass tubes we supply.

Throughout more than 40 years development and know how we are able to overcome the problems that arise from the working with glass. Our tubes are made of neutral borosilicate glass ( 1st hydrolytic class) which is thermal shock resistant, mechanically strong and resistant to chemical erosion.

Glass cylinders are used in various applications, for example in research, medicine or industry. Glass tubes are essential where, under pressure from thermal or chemical stress factors, a visibility examination during procedures in systems must be assured.

Together with our customers we develop solutions for individual requirements. Our cylinders meet special diameter and tolerance requirements.

Our precision glass cylinders – for instance for dispenser – require a very high precision. On glass tubes from 5 up to 35 mm we can obtain an inside diameter tolerance of 5 microns without losing the glass transparency. Furthermore we can supply tubes with outside tolerances of ± 4 microns and a finishing roughness of Ra 0,6 microns.

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