Worf glass beads, precision glass balls, decorative glass beads, glass cylinders, glass tubes, sight glasses and glass reflectors for roadmarking as well as special made glass products are successfully used in industry, medicine, research and transportation for more than 40 years. We are a resident company of Mainz and a medium-sized and active company that is well-known for its business beyond national borders.

We provide our customers with pertinent high precision technical glass products based upon their individual requirements with high precision. The application potential for our products is extremely diverse – just as diverse as our customer magnitude. If small or big glass beads, precision glass balls, beads vor valves, grinding balls, mixing balls in pharmaceutical industry, decorative items, reflectors for roadmarking, glass cylinders, glass tubes or sight glasses – We provide crystal-clear solutions for industry, research, medicine, and transportation.

With the company establishment in 1969, Antonius Worf filled a market gap for successful improvement and expansion of glass products as a result of his unwavering commitment, wealth of ideas, and his resolute determination. After his early death in 1990 the company was taken over by his daughter Diplom-Volkswirtin Cäcilia Alsfasser geb. Worf who is managing director since then.

Business relationships at Worf Glaskugeln are based upon a solid foundation of valued partnership, solid communication, trust, and fairness. Our reputation is based upon experience, strong ideas, and the obligation to provide superior product quality.

Due to our company adhering to these fundamental principles, our commitment to our business relationships, and our awareness of cultural and social factors; we have continually yielded annual growth.

These fundamental principles and guidelines of Worf Glaskugeln GmbH are chief components of our entrepreneurial and quality politics.

We are confident that our company, together with our elite quality management system, will continually provide our customers and business partners with the superior quality that they have come to expect from Worf Glaskugeln.